Things to Come

Hey guys. I’ve been feeling a bit lazy this past week - more than usual - so I haven’t written anything. I also have nothing in the queue to fall back on.

However, I’ve got an idea for an experiment to start this week, and another to do at a later date. I’ll add the second one to the “Future” page (found in the sidebar), but the first one will have to remain a secret. I won’t be posting any updates of the current experiment until it’s done so the results don’t change. It’ll be the first experiment to include other people! Let’s be excited. 

Remember to suggest future experiments, show me a cool article, or just ask a question by using the “Add to the madness!” button in the sidebar. Also remember to follow us so you don’t miss any future posts. Things are going to start getting exciting!

I also edited the Mountain Story from the sleep deprivation experiment to make it more readable. You can find it here.